Friday, November 30, 2012

Ollie's Surgery Day

Today was Ollie's scary, hopeful and exciting day all wrapped into one. It was his surgery day to relieve him of the sickness that keeps making his chest fill with fluid. I won't even begin to try and cover it in my own words, so to quote Ollie's mom at 11:00am...

"The surgery took over 4 1/2 hours, but it went like text book, it could not have gone better. They were able to clamp the offending thoracic duct & remove the sac round the heart. The pericardium was very thickened, the worst Mr Specialist had ever seen!!! It is not there anymore!!!! Mr Anaesthetis
t was able to do magic things, like deflate lung lobes & inflate others at will. This gave the vets a great view of what they were working with. Ollie has chest drains in & will spend the next few days in hospital. There is nothing more that can be done for him, & now it is just a matter of waiting. He is heavily drugged on methadone tonight to keep him comfortable.....,
Thank you everyone for all the support & kind messages xx"
And the newest update from Ollie's mom at 4:15pm...
"We have just had our update on Ollie, he is doing well. He is one little tough cookie!!! He has just been out for a short walk, had a little kibble ( He refused to eat the wet food offered. I don't think he trusts them to give him something good!!). Ollie has just had some more pain relief & the vet will be in in a couple of hours to check on his progress. We can feel the strain lifting a bit........"
All the good wishes and paws crossed around the world helped!  Many of you asked me to keep you updated, and I am happy to have such positive news this evening!  It's just wonderful for Ollie and his family :)  Thank you, and please keep praying for an easy recovery. 


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Dog of Many Words

What words does your dog know?  I mean REALLY know.  Where you see an immediate and appropriate response to you saying the word to them.  Dogs are so smart but it still often shocks me the words, tone and languages they pick up.  Murray knows:
Leave It

There are even phrases:
Where's your ball?
Go get your ball.
Want to go outside?
Let's go to bed.
Want to eat?
Want to go for a walk?
Want to go for a ride?
Want a treat?
Give me five.
Are you hungry?

What unusual words or phrases does your dog know?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Back to Back Funday Rundays!

This Thanksgiving break has been great!  We not only got to run and play ON Thanksgiving, but our friend Brooklyn came out to run with us today!  It was gorgeous weather for running and we had lots of fun!

Happy Doodles!

Come on Guys!


Brooklyn taking a roll break

Thursday, November 22, 2012



My first run since being sick...see how wide I can open my mouth again?!  Hehe

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dog Park Tips for Humans

It never fails to amaze me how some people think taking their dog to run and play at a dog park, or just an open field, means they are on a break.  It's not a lot of work, but I'd like to see a few certain behaviors from the fellow humans I am sharing dog play space with.

* Watch your dog(s).  Duh, this seems like common sense, but I have been to dog parks where owners are chatting or reading and barely glancing up at their dogs.  Not every dog plays nicely with every other dog all the time.  You have to be watching and stepping in when necessary.

* Eliminate possible fighting over toys by bringing several for sharing or none at all.  The dog parks I have been to always had many toys around, but when we go to our local field, we bring a toy that we pick up if other dogs show up.

*Control your dog(s).  Make sure your dog has good recall and overall manners.  A good "sit" and "stay" is very handy in times of need.  "Drop it" is great if your dog picks up something potentially harmful.

* Keep big dogs with big dogs and small dogs with small dogs.  Obviously big dogs can easily overpower and hurt a small dog, even unintentionally, during play.

*Play with your dog(s).  Walk around, throw a ball, run...get engaged with your dog during play.  That's what this time is for!

*Ask your dog to "come" several times during play.  I reward with a small food treat each time my dogs do this.  It makes those times when you NEED your dog to come to you that much more likely to be practice it often when it's not a need.


Dog Park Fun

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ollie Update

I know many of you are praying for my FB friend, Ollie... and you have asked me to keep you up to speed.  Ollie Doodle will have surgery November 30.  They are waiting for a very important human anaesthetist to be available as we know this is a risky operation.  The vet is not sure Ollie can make it until the 30th without his chest being drained again.  Paws crossed Ollie will stay well until the 30th for his life saving surgery and come through it all with flying colors.  Keep the prayers and positive wishes coming!  Thank You! 

Ollie Doodle

Monday, November 19, 2012

4 Worthwhile Clicks

1. Browsing around, I stumbled upon "free pet ecards" and thought I'd share.  They have all different categories with cute photos of pets on the cards. 

2. A great site for anything dog news or entertainment related is Life With Dogs ...I love this site and I recommend checking it out and/or liking them on Facebook.

3. If you want a daily dose of cuteness (besides your own pets of course) check out Whole Lotta Dogs on Facebook.  I get a kick out of all of their "featured pets" and adorable posts.

4. For obvious reasons the ASPCA


Feeling Better Each Day

Sportin my "full furry face" look for winter here

Hey Everyone! It's taken a while, but I think I am BACK!  My energy has been up to normal Doodle levels for me.  My bark has been sounding normal for about a week now, and finally I seem to be opening my mouth all the way (Mom can tell when I do my big yawns :).  I am eating my normal hard food again and I am all set for Tasty Tuesday tomorrow!  Yay!  Thanks for all the "well wishes".  Happy to be doodling around once full capacity :) 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ollie Doodle

One of Murray's fellow doodle friends on Facebook is going through a very difficult time right now.  Ollie Doodle has a condition called "chylothorax" which causes his chest cavity to fill with fluid.  He found out today that he has to undergo a risky operation, or have only a few weeks more to live.  To quote Ollie, "we decided that I am well worth taking a chance on, I am one tough little doodle" he will have his surgery in the next few days.  I am just asking all of my new blog friends out there who are so good at lending their prayers, support and positive wishes, to please direct some toward Ollie.  He sure could use them.  Thank you so much...paws crossed.

**For any of you on Facebook, HERE is Ollie's page link 

Adorable Ollie Doodle

Wordless Wednesday

I know it's Wordless Wednesday, but please look for my next post following this fun one.  It is a more serious "crossed paws" kind of post....but in the meantime I give you
Murray Mohawk!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Pets

This clip caught my attention this morning and I thought I'd share.  Please continue to keep these people and pets in your prayers.


We have had a rough week!  I have not posted in a while because life got very stressful. We have not been having much fun or enjoying this beautiful fall weather.  Last Monday Murray was acting really sick.  He was eating, drinking and going to the bathroom, but he was very lethargic and heavily panting.  We got him into the vet that night, but didn't have much success in figuring out what was wrong.  His temperature was normal, his heart sounded ok, and basically everything was checking out to be normal.  He tested positive for a small amount of worms, but that was relatively new because he was tested 3 weeks prior and was worm free!  My mind kept going back to his recent gulping episodes and in my heart I felt his discomfort was centered around his throat, and it will soon turn out that I was right.  It did feel like there was swelling in his throat, but after the vet checked, we weren't sure if it was actual swelling or his normal throat size/shape.  It didn't make a lot of sense that he would be eating normally if his throat was swollen.  It was decided he would be wormed and sent home on an antibiotic.  By Tuesday he was only marginally better.  I once again called my vet to figure out what our next steps should be if this did not start to improve.  We decided if there was not improvement by Wednesday, Murray would go to the vet again on Thursday for xrays, blood tests and a possible throat scope.  Wednesday was only a little better compared to Tuesday.  By this time I was getting extremely nervous.  I was now noticing Murray flinching as if I was going to hit him if I approached the left side of his head.  I noticed his bark sounded muffled and whenever he started to yawn, he immediately cut it off.  I had become more certain this issue was related to his head or throat somehow.  So, after a teary call to my vet, we set it up for Murray to spend the day there Thursday for the proper tests.  To sum up the findings...blood work was normal and xrays only showed one minor thing (minor compared to the kind of things running through my mind).  Everything appeared normal except there was a shadow of his epiglottis showing up on the xray.  Doc said he shouldn't really see the epiglottis, and the fact that he could, suggested it was infected or inflamed.  We assume it was somehow damaged in something he chewed or ate (a stick, a sharp edge on a treat), and then over time became severely irritated or infected due to food passing over it everyday.  This was GOOD NEWS!  We were sent home (earlier than expected because my good boy didn't even have to be sedated for his tests) with directions to finish our antibiotic, feed a soft food diet for a few days, and do a course or prednisone.  By Friday Murray was starting to act much more like himself.  Just today I heard the first normal sounding bark and it was music to my ears!  I'm not even going to complain that I am up every couple hours through the night because the predisone causes a lot of peeing.  I am so so happy my bouncy boy is back to himself.

PS...I am hoping the gulping over the past month was related to this issue and that will be resolved as well.  Fingers crossed.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gulping- Can Anyone Help??

So, we have been dealing on and off with a new issue.  About a month ago I posted how grateful I was (and still am) that we got through a night where Murray seemed to struggle with a piece of Milk bone in his throat.  Well, that same choking type reaction happened again a couple times this past week, and it wasn't related to having just eaten.  It's made me a bit nervous and I have spoken to my vet and done tons of research.  I believe it's an ailment (I call it an ailment because I'm not sure what else to call it) people have dubbed "gulping".  It doesn't involve gulping food or water, but instead it's a rapid swallowing and gulping of air.  As it gets underway, it turns into gulping grass outside.  It seems to be relieved through the grass ingestion, calming him down through gently petting and many times a loud burp.  In all my research, I have learned many people have this issue with their dogs, and it's gone undiagnosed.  The three main thoughts about a cause are that it could be a seizure type behavior (this one I least expect personally, but who knows!?), an allergy to something (likely a food item or ingredient), a reaction to stress and anxiety, or some form of acid reflux.  Murray is definitely an allergy prone dog.  He always has ongoing skin allergies we work around, he's allergic to sulfur in shampoos and medications and now perhaps something else unknown.  Our vet also placed him on an acid reducer and other medications for a short time last year, after a bout with sickness, and an x-ray showed inflammation in his stomach.  He recovered well, but we have always suspected there is an issue with acid since he tends to vomit bile when his stomach is completely empty....  And, Murray IS a sensitive dog who can stress easily.  So, I have a triple threat!  Oiy Vey, he sounds like a hott mess!  LOL  My vet definitely thinks this gulping is digestion related based on the grass eating.  They have asked me to record the gulping when it happens...which is sure to show me being a nervous wreck instead of anything of value!  So far, thankfully we have not had another extended episode, so no recordings yet, just quick bouts.  I am discouraged reading online how none of the dogs with this same issue have been able to be diagnosed by a vet, so I assume it may be no different with my vet :(  I will link a couple videos I found online of dogs doing this gulping action.  While the dogs in the videos looks fairly calm, Murray, and many others I read about, panic a bit during these episodes.  I am uncertain what is causing the panic, but it certainly then panics me.  We have been using Pepcid to help with acid this week, and I have taken him off of the veggies I had been feeding as a mix into his dry food the past month.  My thoughts were that the veggies cause a lot of gas, and along with the gulping, I could hear his stomach churning last night, so veggies are out and a good grain free wet food is in.  We have also started him on some plain, fat free yogurt for some "good" bacteria.  I would LOVE any words of wisdom from anyone out there that may know something about this.  Also, I have eliminated "tracheal collapse" as a possibility right now, as he really does not exhibit any other symptoms for that.

Friday, November 2, 2012

A New Movie Bed!

We found a pretty cool dog bed on sale, and it just so happens we could use one for the room in our house we have decided to make into a "home movie room" (and we can't pass up a chance to treat them to something new).  It's an egg crate, thick cushion, inside a removable (and washable) fleece topped cover.  It's called The Canine Cushion....nothing too fancy, but definitely comfy!  Of course the boys need a  place to watch some flicks too, so...
here it is being tested out!

She Deserves Better