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Merry LATE Christmas!

Sorry it's been a while.  Sorry we missed Christmas, but our house has had the nasty FLU!  The day I got out of school for vacation I became sick and today is my first day up and running again.  Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and I will be doing some catching up in the blog world over the next several days.  I promise.
One of the small projects I got accomplished with the flu.

BIG PS from Murray....It's snowing (I mean REALLY snowing) and instead of going out to play with me now that she's better, Mom made it a shave and bathe day for me.  She will pay for that later! UGH


Recently, in my local area, there have been several cases of pet stealing taking place, right from someone's yard.  Sadly, some of these pets have been found harmed and killed.  I can't understand why someone would do this to a harmless, defenseless animal.  I also think of all the misplaced and lost pets due to Hurricane Sandy... and this all has made me feel I should put a reminder out there to encourage people to have their pets wear the proper tags, or better yet, have them chipped!  Here is a short informational video I hope helps you see this is an easy, extra bit of security that you can give yourself and your pet.

Black and White Sunday

This is what I prefer to do with my Santa hat!

Playing Santa is Hard Work!

Annual Tree Photo

Told ya there would be more photos...

The tree went up and we took our places.  We're getting good at this!

I'm Dreaming of a White...ANY DAY!

I'm a doodle born and bred in Ontario, Canada.  I am BUILT for snow.  Well, kinda.  I love it even though it gets balled up in my paws and I get "snow paws".  It's mid-December and I am waiting patiently, but nothing yet!  In the meantime I am reliving memories of last year's snow...

PS...Mom would enjoy a "snow day" too!  :)

Award! Thank You Cotton!

So you can get this award 6 times, 6 stars to collect... This is my first.  The rules are as follows. 1 Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award

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How Does it Look?

I don't exactly NEED a sweater, but since my mom was super excited to find one that would fit me (I am kind of over-sized), I appeased her and wore it happily.  How does it look?  We all think it looks best on my brother Piper.  We'll be posting a pic of him eventually.  Please excuse the naked tree behind me.  It's getting decorated tonight!  That probably means more photos...grrr.

Black and White Sunday

You're not getting the ball!

Some Golden-Doodle Fun!

Murray Christmas!

In the spirit of Christmas I just had to post my all time favorite Murray Christmas pic!
Murray Christmas!

PS...Ollie Doodle is doing very well!  He is home and recovering nicely.  Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers!  I will update as he makes more and more progress.