Monday, June 8, 2015

Murray's 8th Birthday Letter

My loveable Murray...
You are an 85 pound, now 8 year old, crazy haired pile of love with so much happiness inside.  I love your constant happiness...and how every morning you act like you so badly want to snuggle and sleep in, and then you can't resist the cats running by the bedroom door so you pounce from your pretend sleep!  I even love how you bark at every single sound you hear...every. single. sound.  I love how you jump in excitement at every creature we pass on a walk.  I love how you are sweet and welcoming to dog visitors at our house.  I love how you look up to your brother Piper...and sometimes annoy the crap out of him.  I love your nickname, "Boom" you earned after you fell off our bed while sleeping one night.  
You make us so happy! 
I love that if I hug you, you literally place your head on my shoulder...and I KNOW you're hugging me back.  I love to throw a frisbee for you.  You have so much fun with that.  Although trying to get you to give the frisbee back isn't loads of fun for me ;)  I love how you MUST take a "ball" (toy) outside with you in the afternoon and upstairs with you to bed.  You love your toys so.  You're so funny when you wait for us to ask you, "where's your ball?", and then sprint off to get it to bring it inside.  I love that you love to travel with us, and you're so well behaved wherever we take you.  I love that you hate clippings and baths, act like they're literally killing you, and then bounce around like a loon the minute they're over.  You are beyond adorable, and you make us so very happy.  We love you with all our hearts.  You are such a joy every day.  
Happy 8th Birthday!  
Love, Mom and Dad


  1. Happy day dude!!! Pawty like a rock-star!

    NukNuk & Family

  2. What a wonderful letter! Happy Birfday Murray!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Well....we gotta give that big bundle of joy a Very Scottish Happy Birthday Murray!

    The Mad Scots

  4. that's a wonderful letter and a wonderful way to say I love ya... Happy Happy Birthday Murray..
    easy rider

  5. I can definitely feel the love!

    Happy 8th!


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